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Best School In Republic Of Benin

Ekinous Bilingual School excels in bilingual education, winning 70% of debates with schools in Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana. Also ranked as a top 10 school in Benin, their commitment to quality education and growth opportunities sets a high standard for other schools to follow and inspires young scholars to excel.

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With dedicated teachers and an ideal learning environment, Ekinous will help your wards achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Who We Are

The First Bilingual School In The Republic Of Benin

Founded in 2003, Ekinous attained the distinction of being the inaugural Bilingual School to grace the educational landscape of Benin Republic.

Ekinous Bilingual School (EBS) commenced its educational journey in the academic year 2006-2007, having obtained approval from local authorities for its establishment in 2003. The institution was conceived with the purpose of delivering exceptional educational programs in both English and French, fostering an inclusive environment that nurtures academic creativity, cultivates leadership skills, instills the principles of social responsibility, and upholds a commitment to embracing diversity and fostering multicultural understanding

Ekinous emerged as the linchpin of extracurricular activities, uniting schools nationwide. Renowned for their unparalleled prowess in debate competitions, both domestically and internationally, Ekinous commands respect from other institutions. The school has been honored multiple times by the American Cultural Center in Benin Republic and has earned the distinguished title of ‘Kings of Debating’.

Vision Statement

Our vision is one that places equal emphasis on both the language of its students' home country as well as the language of the country they are residing in. We aim to create a learning environment that is inclusive and respects diversity. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn both languages to a high level of proficiency, ensuring that they are able to communicate and function effectively in both language contexts. We also help students to develop a deeper understanding of both cultures, thereby fostering cross-cultural communication and empathy. Furthermore, bilingual education has been shown to enhance cognitive development, leading to better academic outcomes. In conclusion, our vision at Ekinous is a powerful and effective way of creating a more inclusive and diverse education system.

Mission Statement

Empowering students with a bilingual education that seamlessly integrates two languages, our mission is to propel them towards success in an interconnected and multicultural world. We commit to not only facilitating language acquisition but ensuring proficient communication. Our goal is to cultivate a global perspective and provide students with the vital tools for triumph in today's diverse society. Embracing a bilingual education is not just a choice—it's a strategic advantage that opens doors to academic and professional opportunities. Join us in fostering an environment where cultural diversity is celebrated, leading to a deeper understanding and appreciation of various perspectives. Take the step towards a future of global competence and cultural fluency with us.