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At Ekinous Bilingual School, we are committed to providing our students with a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the global arena.


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We offer a bilingual curriculum that prepares students for global higher education and jobs with certificates from English and French-speaking countries.


We ensure student safety with emergency plans, and security measures, and support learning with furnishings and equipment despite the building's appearance.


Get English and French certificates for global success. Our education helps you excel and access universities worldwide. Start achieving your goals now!


Sports benefit students' physical and mental health, develop skills, contribute to academic performance, reduce stress, and enhance life experience by fostering school spirit.

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About Us

Best Bilingual School In Benin Republic

Ekinous Bilingual School established in 2003, has a steadfast mission to offer superior education to students not only in Benin and Ghana but also beyond. Our unwavering commitment to attaining excellence in all aspects of academic, extracurricular, and personal development has empowered our alumni to accomplish remarkable feats across various industries. 


Five Star School In Benin Republic & Top 10 Best Schools In Benin Republic

Ekinous Bilingual School excels in bilingual education, winning 70% of debates with schools in Nigeria, Benin, and Ghana. Also ranked as a top 10 school in Benin, their commitment to quality education and growth opportunities sets a high standard for other schools to follow and inspires young scholars to excel.

Ali Moustaine

As a current law student in the university, I credit my bilingual proficiency to Ekinous Bilingual School which provided a quality learning environment with extra activities like debates and dramas that improved my language skills and critical thinking. I highly recommend EBS for a strong foundation in bilingual education.

Benita . C

EBS molded my academic and interpersonal skills as a Master of Finance and Credit graduate. Being bilingual helped me meet people from different countries, expand knowledge, and build confidence. I encourage students to believe in themselves, follow their dreams, and seek help if needed. I'm grateful to EBS.

Blessing . A

I thank my parents and teachers for their support in my journey to become a pilot in Dubai. Their sacrifice, love, dedication, perseverance, and guidance were instrumental in making me realize my potential and destined for greatness. Thank you Ekinous for helping me become who I am today.


What Past Students Of Ekinous Say

Ekinous Bilingual School's former students attribute their achievement to the bilingual education they received from highly skilled teachers. The school strengthened their confidence and communication abilities, improving their academic and professional proficiency, while also promoting cultural exchange and diverse appreciation. Overall, Ekinous Bilingual School significantly influenced its students' lives and futures.